PsyData is a new paradigm for psychotherapy. It combines a system of development and examination of information with a true partnership between the therapist, the client (or patient), and the computer. The computer doesn't do anything by itself, it is used with the PsyData program, during the sessions, by the therapist and client. On the other hand, the partnership with the computer increases the power of the therapy to a large extent.

During the sessions, the therapist and/or client make entries into the PsyData databases. Each entry is for a specific item of information. This item of information is entered into its appropriate database, i.e., if it is a Generalization, it is entered into the Generalizations database. All previous entries can be examined in various permutations and combinations, taking into account the classifications, dates of entry, keywords, etc.

The system starts with very specific items of information, namely occurrences, thoughts, affects, etc. in the client's life (current or historical). Then progressively more general information is developed.

For more information, see the description of the computer program.